October 7, 2014

Fun Responsibility

It’s 7pm.

And dark.

The boys are still playing outside with the neighbor kids.

It’s past the time I told them I would call them in to complete their list of tasks.  Some they signed up for, some the public education system requires, some we insist upon.  Reading logs, homework, everyday basketball drills, clean rooms, clean teeth.  You know, the hard parts of being a kid.

Aw, crap, now they are playing with a glow in the dark football and laser tag guns.  That looks like so much fun.  I’ll give them 5 more minutes. 

It’s important to foster healthy social relationships right?  And it’s just fun to have fun.  Responsibility can wait 5 more minutes. 

It's really dark now and bedtime is looming.

Time’s up.  Responsibility and cleanliness await.  It’s a hard life being a kid.

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