October 8, 2014


So, Luke has this incentive program in his class at school.  If his teacher sees the students behaving positively, she gives out pretend money.  Each kid has the choice to either use the money to buy small things, like a jolly rancher, every few days (depending on how well they behaved), or save it up to buy a big thing, like a pizza lunch with the teacher.

Last week, I asked Luke what he planned on doing with his pretend money.  He told me he was going to save it up to have lunch with the teacher.  He's such a mini-me.  I totally would have done that.  And then smirked at all my classmates.  See?  This is how you do it.  Here are the rewards of good behavior. It's a miracle, I even had friends in school.

Well, his plans must have changed.  I guess a new opportunity presented itself.

Today, Luke came home with real money!  REAL.  As in two dollars that can actually buy something at the store.

It turns out, he bought a bag of skittles with his earned pretend money.  Then he sold the skittles for two dollars.  This wasn't a regular size pack of skittles or even a king size.  It was a measly fun pack!

I bet that kid's mom is pretty mad that he bought a fun pack of skittles for two real dollars.  I should probably be mad that my kid scammed another kid out of two dollars.  But he found a way to turn pretend money into real money!


I wish I could figure out how to do that.  I do have a couple of monopoly games laying around...

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