October 9, 2014


Moving is hard, and stressful, but there is something refreshing about a new start.  In the stressful transition, I turn to junk food to bring the peace.  It just feels so good to eat greasy pizza and twix bars for dinner five nights a week. 

With a new start, I have grand goals and new habits to form.  All whole foods, no sugar or white flour or white rice, NOTHING WHITE, restart workout program, be nice and non-judgmental, actually want to meet people and make new friends, get involved in my neighborhood, in my community, in the boys’ school.  Those social things are really hard for me.  I have friends.  I don’t need to make any new ones!  Those friends just don’t live very close anymore.  Being nice, not judgy and social is loud and messy and unorganized.  I need quiet and organization and everything in its neat little row.  But I know this people thing is necessary and good. 

So in the spirit of new beginnings and things that are good, Tim and I joined the PTSA.  Last night was the first meeting and we rocked it.  Meemaw and Papa watched the boys while we furiously pedaled our bikes down the road to the school.  It’s not good form to be late for your first meeting.  We slunk in sweaty and still breathing hard from the ride.  We sat toward the back because that’s where the super involved people sit.  Tim started taking notes, so I followed his example.  He’s much better at these social things and he’s great at meetings.  I hate meetings.  So much uncontrollable talking, I can’t handle it.

It felt like it went on for three hours.  Mind you, three hours of really great information about the school district and how to help support our kids, but three hours!  We even signed up for a committee and introduced ourselves to the principal.  Look at us.  Overachievers, I know.  An hour and fifteen minutes after we had set out, we put our bikes back in the garage and let Meemaw and Papa off the hook.

Social Overachievers

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