August 25, 2012

It Blows My Mind

A few days before his first day of Kindergarten, Jack came up to me.  "I'm not scared about going to school.  I know you'll be right next doorl"

How did we land in this perfect situation?  Yes, it has been busy and crazy and frustrating and fun, but it feels right. I know whose hand is behind it all.   I've been feeling a bit of Mommy guilt though.  Many hours of Luke and Jack's last days of summer were spent inside my classroom.  I had all these fun things planned for summer projects that we never got to.  I missed their Meet The Teacher Open House because my students were meeting me.  But then I remember, I already know their teachers, because I see them everyday (I share an office with Jack's).  Even though I work full time, I still get to drop them off and pick them up each day from school.  And, summer isn't the only time for fun projects. 

I was worried about not having enough quality time with them because school/work is busy for all four of us and we are all dead tired.  But guess what?  Even though the quantity of time has diminished, the quality has been there.  It's so weird that this transition has been so easy and smooth.  It blows my mind. 

I get sad sometimes when I think about how my little ones aren't little anymore.  And then I see glimpses of how fun this next stage in our life is going to be.  Five and six year olds are pretty hilarious to have conversations with, especially when they get their sense of humor from their daddy.  Cheers to new adventures and new stages.

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