August 24, 2011

The First First Day

Change was in the air as we walked down the sunny sidewalk.  The cool breeze whispered that a tide was turning.  I held onto both Luke and Jack's hands as we walked Luke to his first day of Kindergarten.  Other families were snapping front door pictures of their backpacked, lunch box toting kids.  A family biked around the corner.  This was a fresh start for many.  A new beginning.
Halfway there, the hand holding privilege changed to Tim.  He looked down to Luke and told him, "You don't have to hold my hand if you don't want to.  You can walk beside me like a big boy."  Luke let go and started walking a little taller.  Tim told Jack the same thing.  Jack pondered it for a quick second and decided he'd rather hold his Daddy's hand.

Two different stages.  One beginning and one almost done. 

As we stepped onto the school grounds, we could see squeaky new shoes, friends reuniting and apprehensive parents.  Behind door number six was Luke's classroom.  After a moment of sensory overstimulation on the playground we beelined for his classroom. 

With his head held high and a quiet confidence he said hello to Mrs. Rood.  Her sunny yellow dress and warm smile were welcoming and comforting.  Her presence set the tone.  Before Luke was about to disappear into his classroom, she bent down and whispered in his ear, "Do you want to say goodbye to your family?"  He turned around, waved and said, "Bye Mom."  She nudged him closer so he could give us a farewell hug. 

That's when I lost it.  There was something about squeezing him and physically sending him off.  He hugged Jack and then Tim and then darted into the classroom.  We had properly sent him off, he was ready to go so we quickly turned and walked out.  He did it.  We did it.  I survived the send off.

Tim and I held each other for a quick minute out on the playground.  We still had some consoling to do.  Then we both grabbed Jack's hands and trekked home.  That same breeze flowed past.  It tickled our ears and now spoke of hurdles overcome, pride in parenting and newness to come.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is so monumental. Like Meemaw said, it doesn't get any easier. This is just the beginning of many goodbyes...
I still cry, as you know. My heart and soul is with you guys today and I'm so proud of all you. This is the beginning of letting those coat strings out.
I Love You! Mom / Nana