April 20, 2011

Monster Trucks and Monster News

So I'm waaaaay behind on the posts I have floating around in my head, but I have a good excuse.  We have been super stressed around here after learning of potential layoffs for Tim's company.  We were trying to keep the stressful conversations just between the two of us, but it must have leaked out into the ears of the boys.  Either that, or they have incredible intuition into what is going on in our heads.

The boys behavior has not been at its best and I was getting frustrated until I figured out that it started as soon as we got the bad news.  Kids are amazing.  We parents just have to have a little time to catch up and understand them.

 One night, Luke was having trouble falling asleep and he came into our bedroom and told us he was scared to be in his room.  We explained that sometimes adults get scared too and how we deal with it.  He replied, "Oh, like how you guys are scared when T-mobile becomes AT&T?"  Whoa.  We've always known that his intuition and empathy factors were off the charts, but this shocked us.
 As a result, Tim applied elsewhere so we could have some guaranteed income.  Amazon saw what a hard working, qualified and amazing employee he was and offered him a great job.  As a result, we'll be moving to Grand Forks, North Dakota.  We are really excited about this move but will miss everyone here in Idaho.

I sure hope Monster Jam comes to Grand Forks because the boys are already planning their next trip.  A few weeks back, Tim planned a boys day-out and took them to see the monster truck show.  They came home with stars in their eyes.  The driver of El Toro Loco (their favorite truck) even came into the stands and gave Luke a Wii Monster Jam game.  It may have had something to do with a crazy horned hat and a 6'4'' dad hoisting him up into the air, but who knows.

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