April 13, 2011

I almost started crying in the kitchen this morning

Jackie is a little boy of extremes.  He is either ecstatic or deeply down in the dumps.  "Meh" and "Oh, I don't care" are not in his vocabulary.  His levels of appreciation for things are as follows:

I really don't love ___
I don't love ___
I love ___
I really love ___

The Land of In Between has no place on Jack's map.

When you understand this, you can understand his exuberant hugs and kisses.  His knock down, drag out tantrums and collapses in puddles of tears become explainable.

This morning I was minding my own business, grinding coffee beans, while the boys sat at the kitchen table eating their cereal and fruit.  They were both unusually silent.  And then all of a sudden, Jack's voice pops over the quiet, "Mommy, I'm never gonna stop loving you."

This statement rose above his hierarchy, and for that, I'm extremely grateful.

I will never stop loving him either.



Anonymous said...

Jackie, you are one of the sweetest boys ever!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I think I'm gonna cry too!
Love, Mom

Kamille said...

tears..I have tears. What a boy that loves so passionately! What a gift he has been given and will sure to make a woman fall head over heels for him (and children too).

StaceyL said...

I have tears too at just the thought that my little guy might say something like this to me someday.

I was a softy before Asher was born . . . now I'm a puddle. :)