December 2, 2010

Blue Obsession

Lately, Jack has been focused on the color blue.  In his letter to Santa this year he asked for a blue motorcycle, a blue car and blue skateboard shoes.  He loves that our van is blue.  He has two favorite shirts, one is his blue and orange BSU shirt and the other is his blue flannel button-up.  If he had his way in fashion, he would just alternate between the two shirts.

He got mildly offended toward Papa over Skype when he realized that his truck was green, not blue.  I'm not going to tell him where he got his chocolate brown eyes.  He might not talk to Tim for weeks.

His love for all things blue got a little extreme last night.  He asked me if next time he got an owie, if it could be blue instead of red.

Dobble Dee Dobble Di


Anonymous said...

Well he is awfully cute in Blue, and He is a very good reader.

Smiths said...

Oh Jack... you are a silly boy! And we love you!