November 30, 2010

Luke's Day

Today was an eventful one for Luke.  Here are just some of the happenings, in no particular order:

1. He and Tim were messing around and Luke tried to punch him in the thigh.  He missed and punched Tim in that place. Hard.

2. While peeing, he slipped and fell into the toilet.  He splashed pee water all over his face, upper body and the bathroom floor.  After he calmed down and was showered, he told me he might be on the news because of his slipping incident.

3.  Before bedtime, he specifically asked Jesus to give Mommy more patience.

I wonder what is going to happen tomorrow.


Kamille Corrina said...

oh man--that is quite a day and definitely in need of patience:)

Anonymous said...

Poor little buddy, he has a tender heart and patience is a gift so we all should pray for it. He reads so well. Love ya.