November 23, 2010

Emergency: Supplies Needed

Tragedy struck two days ago.

We ran out of drawing paper.  The boys have been beside themselves with coloring-anxiety and the piles of pictures have been at a standstill.  They did console themselves a little by building with their blocks and racing their cars around the house.  Oh and Tim found some really cool paper to make paper airplanes.  But other than that, there have been tears, tantrums and screaming matches.  Oh the agony.

In protest, Jack swallowed a mini bowling pin.

Not really.

About the protest part.   But he really did swallow the bowling pin.  Don't worry, it made it through to the place I'm realizing all Jack's toys die: the toilet.

So, in spite of the snow, icy roads and freezing conditions, we drove to the store to get the necessary provisions.  Now both boys are happily upstairs in a crayon delirium. 

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