September 26, 2010

The Legacy of Memory

Luke and Jack have a new obsession: Memory.

Remember that game where you lay the cards all out face down and try to find the pairs?  If you don't, you missed out.  Or at least, you have a new game to discover.

Growing up we played a lot of memory.  And I mean, A LOT.  I remember my mom or dad being all sprawled out on the living room floor while we all took turns trying to find the most matches.  The memory game we had wasn't exact matches, we had to match the parent animals with the baby animals.  I'm pretty sure we wore those cards out to obscurity.

Now being the parent, I recognize all the perks to this game.  While spending quality time hanging out with your kids, you get to lay on the floor and not move.  In our house that's a rarity.  The constant hustle and bustle of pitching baseballs, kicking the soccer ball, wrestling and racing cars wears me out.  I love it, but by the end of the day, I'm pooped.

You also can't ignore the educational, brain strengthening aspect of the game.  But really, I get to lounge on the living room floor, enough said.

This past weekend, my dad was here for a visit and he got quite a reminder of how much our gene pool loves Memory.  Now my dad gets a little crazy with the game by mixing up the square formation.  Luke and Jack got introduced to the circle formation and the "lets just throw them out in a clump" formation.  You know us, we like to get crazy.

I want to officially send out my thank you to the inventors and makers of the game.  As I start working part time, I have a feeling that I'm going to appreciate this game even more.  At the end of an energetic day, we still get to spend some quality tummy time on the carpet together.  Even though the current Memory cards aren't the mama and baby matches, it's still Mommy and babies matchin' it up on the floor, just like before.


Anonymous said...

Definitely, lots of memories playing that game! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Love it, a lot of good times with Memory wait till I teach them spoons. see ya in four ,ove meemaw.