September 19, 2010

Best Friends

Yesterday was Luke's first soccer game of the season.  He had so so so much fun.  His game was at 3 and even though he is almost 5, he still naps a couple hours a day.  Yesterday, the nap was replaced by a soccer game.  The other team was a little more physical than most parents (and players) were comfortable with.  There was a lot of pushing and shoving, even when the ball was no where in sight.  Now Luke likes to wrestle and tumble around the house, but yesterday was a bit much for him.

With the napless, full day in the sun being a factor as well, he had had enough by the end of the game.  He got poked in the eye and started bawling.  While on the sidelines crying, I noticed he was being consoled by one of his teammates.  Ashlyn was holding his hand, rubbing his back and soothing him with encouraging words.  We just sat back and watched, secretly smirking.

This morning, Luke informed us that Ashlyn was his best friend.

Today we also had the opportunity to celebrate Gundar's first birthday.  Emily sent us home with some extra delicious cake.  I let Luke have a piece of it this evening.   After a while I noticed he was talking to his cake.

"Aaaah, don't eat me!  Don't worry, you'll be okay.  No, NO, you can't eat me.  Whelp, I'm still going to eat you, but it's fine."

I asked him what he was doing.

"Oh, I'm just pretending that this cake is my best friend."

Oh, really.

Then, just out of curiosity, I asked him what his best friend's name was.


I have no idea where Gordon came from, but at least we aren't having to worry about the girlfriend thing yet, thank goodness.

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Emily Smith said...

Oh Gordon... I slaved over you, only to be devoured by a sweet little boy. I love it. I will miss you forever Gordon.