October 5, 2010

The Matchmaker

Today I am feeling down and melancholy-ish.  Last night was the first night in six and a half years that I slept without Tim.  I hated it.  And I slept horribly.

We knew it would happen eventually but we were shoving it off at every notice of separation.  The worst part is that I have to do it for three more nights.  Friday, please come quickly.

I'm trying to keep the boys and I busy so I can't dwell on how much I miss him.  Amidst our busy schedule yesterday, a sweet memory popped into my mind and made me smile.

Keep in mind, all the pieces to this story didn't come completely together until a few years AFTER we were married.  We had a good laugh when we figured it out.

Tim and I met in Bellingham when we were both part of a pretty close-nit group of friends.  We all spent some point of the everyday together, sometimes all day.  One blustery fall day, much like today, we all decided to go to a Western football game.  I had a huge crush on Tim and so every time we were about to hang out, I spent an enormous amount of time on my hair, make-up and outfit.  Little did I know, he did the same.  Someone, however, wasn't as blind as the two of us were.  He knew exactly how we felt.  At some point I think Tim confided in him.  Tim called me his song because I was the girl he would sing songs about but never be with.  I, on the other hand, had confided in no one.

During the football game we all hung out and Tim and I had as much interaction as everyone else had with the other friends.  At one point, Jason pulled me aside to inform me that Tim had told Jason that he really liked my outfit.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't hide the silly grin that was plastered on my face.  It was elementary, I know, but that was all the spark I needed to realize my crush might have the potential to turn into something more.

A few years after we had been married, Tim and I were reminiscing about that football game.  During that conversation, we made a discovery.  Tim had never told Jason anything about me that day.  Not only that, but Jason ALSO manufactured a tale about ME commenting on how hot Tim looked.  Tim said he was flying high for days after my so-called comment.

Sneaky, sneaky, Jason.

But thank you, we sincerely appreciate your little fibs.


Ellen (La Pure Mama) said...

I love this!! So cute :) Wish you guys were closer!

Jason & Tina said...

Lindsey, we were just commenting to another couple the other day about how amazing it is that you two haven't ever spent a night away from each other (I just said goodbye to Jason for three days this morning). Thinking of you, and glad my husband fibs...a little. Miss ya.

Anonymous said...

Wow, girl you should write a book...Great memories.. Miss him, love him and never forget how he misses and loves you. Mom Pell

Levi and Amanda said...

Aww, how cute! If you need some company this week, we're home now! I hate when Levi is gone for work, the days go by soooo slow.


Anonymous said...

That is a great story! Good job Jason! I love matchmaking too! Sometime people just need a little extra help :-) Who knows, it may have happened anyway... you never know.

jasontcurry said...

Ok, I totally remember this. I LOVE IT! When I set my mind to something...well, let me take us back to the infamous New Year's Eve/Day "Check-Ins". Put the wheels in motion, and go get measured for a tux 'cause I'm gonna be in a wedding soon!


Kamille Corrina said...

that's absolutely sweet:) I kind imagine the scene of new love kindling. And WOW, never spent a night apart in all of marriage--that's amazing.