September 8, 2010


This is about all the pictures I can upload from our trip to the fair.
Computer problems, don't ask.

This is our new friend Ike.
Remember our van mishap?
His mom is the one who drove all the way to Oregon to rescue us.
Now we hang out at least once a week, most weeks more.
It's so much fun having friends who live in the same town as us (I still miss all of you out-of-towners).
We love Ike (and his parents).

I apologize for the lack of posts.  
It's not as much fun when I can't have pictures to accent my ramblings.
Maybe I'll have to dig up some from the archives.

If my computer lets me.

1 comment:

Tolman's said...

We love you guys too! You have no clue how much you guys have helped keep me going. Famfriendmance!!