August 9, 2010

A Second Dose

Yesterday we had our second dose of Good Samaritans.

We woke up in the hotel and started doing our research to lay out our options.  A rental car was going to cost us around $55 a day.  We might have even had to get two rental cars because our local options were not looking so good.  We also didn't know how long we would be in Baker City, Oregon so our stranded situation may might lead to booking another night in the hotel.

Then, just like the day before, the blessings kept coming and coming.

A co-worker of Tim's offered to drive the two hours up to Baker City to rescue us and take us home.  She even offered to let us borrow her extra car until the van was fixed!  Mind you, she wasn't just laying around the house bored and looking for something crazy to do.  She worked the WHOLE DAY and sacrificed hang out time in the evening with her two-year old, to take a four hour round trip.  She's amazing by the way.

Since she couldn't get us until the evening, we thought we were going to have pay for another night at the hotel.  After explaining our situation, the hotel manager said we could stay as long as we wanted that day with no charge.  NO CHARGE.

We are home safe and sound now, just waiting for the van's transmission to be replaced.  My dad pointed out to me today that we are also saving money by breaking down in Oregon.  We could have broken down in Washington or Idaho.  If that would have happened, we would be paying sales tax on the mechanic bill.  Since we broke down in Oregon, we are saving a few hundred bucks.  Awesome.

This whole experience has made me so thankful for all the people who went out of their way to help us.  Most of them didn't have any idea who we were, but they blessed our lives by going above and beyond.

If any of you out there ever need anything, just know that the Pell's are ready to be on the giving end this time.


Anonymous said...

Amen, God is good. I think the positive outlook is one that is truly a sign of faith. Glad you are all doing well and keep up on that laundry. Love Meemaw!!

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord for the many blessings. If you look at it that way, it doesn't hurt your wallet quite as much!
Glad you are home safe and sound!
Love, Nana