September 3, 2010


(I have some really cool pictures to go with this post but our computer is acting up and won't download them.)

Do you know what a pterosaur is? Did you know that now scientists think they might have had feathers?
Do you know who Richard Owen or Waterhouse Hawkins are?
Do you know what the distinguishing features of a maiasaur are?  How about a stegosaur?  Maybe a troodon or an iguanadon?

I do.

I know the answers to all these questions because I have boys.
And these boys are obsessed with dinosaurs right now.

Their dreams came true when we visited the dinosaur exhibit at the Western Idaho Fair last week.

At first Jack was a little timid seeing the life size dinosaurs move around. 

Then we couldn't talk them into leaving the exhibit.

We definitely got our money's worth because we stayed in the exhibit for over an hour (and it wasn't even really that big).

A big thank you goes out to the fair organizers for keeping my little boys in mind when they planned it.
Thank you, thank you , thank you.


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