October 17, 2014


I've been sick for almost two weeks with an annoying virus.  Something that I have to 'rest and just wait it out," as the doctors say, instead of giving me medicine.  Dang doctors.  A couple of days ago, I was feeling better and we had some shopping to do so we went to the mall.  Both boys, decided to screw around in the midst of a whole bunch of people trying to get on the escalator.

"Oh my gosh!  Act like you've been in public before!!!"  

And then I giggled, because the last time I said that (two weeks ago) it also involved an escalator.  Maybe we should stick to stairs or elevators.  Or one story buildings.  

As it turns out, going to the mall isn't exactly what the doctor described as resting.  So I'm still on the couch today.  Before, they left for school, the boys snuck into my bedroom and handed me two of my favorite magazines to read while taking a rest day.  Good thing they ventured back into public with their sneaky dad.  

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