October 16, 2014

Growing up

Lately, I've noticed that the boys have been doing more big kid things.  In the mornings they get up, do their morning chores (most of the time) and get showered and dressed all on their own.  In the afternoons they have homework to do and then they play outside with their friends unsupervised.  It's weird and really, really good.  I can finally sleep in on Saturday mornings without having to get up to feed them and make sure they don't kill each other.  These are the glory days I've been dreaming of and waiting for since they were born.

Sometimes I get a little sentimental and wish they were younger.  Looking into the past with those rose-tinted lenses, as we all do at every stage of our lives.  The past gets idealized.  I guess the grass is always greener behind you as well.

Last weekend it was stormy out and I was sick so we cancelled our plans.  The storm prevented Luke from going out to play football with the neighbor kids.  He wandered in to where I was laying on the couch and asked if he could watch "Tarcoons."  Tim and I smiled big, glanced at each other knowingly, and let him go upstairs to veg in front of the T.V.  Maybe our eight year old is getting bigger, but he's still our tarcoon-watching little boy.


meemaw said...

wow, I can not beleive how he has grown. Still a real cutie!!

Stacey said...

I love reading this — both because I can't wait for the glory days of sleeping in more regularly, and because I know I'll miss this spot, right now, where I'm at. :)