March 6, 2012


In the last few weeks the same thought has popped into my head several times.  "Life is really easy right now.  This is a perfect day in my perfect life."  Then I panic a little.  Over the last few years this same thought has preceded major change.  It seems as soon as we get into a groove and things smooth out, something changes.  Those changes haven't been bad, they just take us on a roller coaster of transition and bumpiness.

What's going to change now?

Maybe nothing is.  Maybe we are going to enjoy this period of leveling out.  Maybe we'll keep going with the flow.  Maybe it will be a joyous change, maybe it will have sorrow attached to it.  Who knows.  All I know is that we can handle it, whatever it is.  God never gives us more than we can handle, even if pain or joy is attached.  It's a good thing we have an extra passenger in our roller coaster life.

It's also a good thing I have a rock star husband keeping me sane.  I've got a responsible, helpful first-born who also has his FIRST LOOSE TOOTH!  And my love extremist baby who surprises me with smooches during the day.  I've got my family and friends, who are family too, who've got our back.

Change?  Bring it on.  The same?  That's fine too.

This really is a perfect day in my perfect life.

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Anonymous said...

Perfect Life, Let's see God, Spouse ,children and a sense of bieng... Girl you rock at all of it. Couldn't love ya any more and thanks for sharing part of your perfect life with us. Meemaw