February 6, 2012

The Master

I am the only one in our house who can change Autobots and Decepticons from robots to vehicles and back again.  I have mad transforming skills, thank you very much.  Do you think I can put that on my resume?  The first few times I do need the animated directions, but after that, I'm good.  My love of puzzles and rule following come in handy. 

Since I am a highly sought after commodity here, I demand a few things of my own.  The boys are required to ask me politely and nicely to change said Transformer.  I need my physical and mental space while working.  No crowding and don't even THINK of asking what step I'm on.  Lastly, once the transformation has occurred, a "Thank you, Transforming Master!" must be heard before the toy is placed into his hands. 

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