February 5, 2012

Early Risers

 Last night, I drank a Venti latte at 9pm.  Tim and I were on a date and decided to cut it shorter than planned.  Getting snacks and renting a movie sounded way better than watching a movie we really didn't want to watch at the theater.  Getting a babysitter is fairly rare, but the couch won out last night.  For some reason a combo of Twix, cinnamon bears and a latte turned out to be my movie-watching cravings.

All my life I have been given a hard time for falling asleep anywhere if the sun has gone down.  I've fallen asleep while having guests over, at friends' houses, at parties.  It's actually quite embarrassing.  And don't even think of starting a movie after 10pm.  I'll be snoozing about ten minutes in.  In college my friends used to call me Narc.

One benefit is that I can have a larger than life caffeinated drink at night and then two hours later, fall asleep.  It's actually quite awesome.  Take that naysayers.

This morning I woke up early, fully rested.  Guess who also was up?  Luke.  He got my early rising genes.  He may look nothing like me, but I'm inside him somewhere.  While the other half of our family is sleeping, we get to hang out.  I love it.  It's time just for us.  We know how to live up these early mornings.  Cheerios and cartoons for him.  Coffee and blogging for me.  I'm looking forward to many more mornings with my husband's  mini-me.  Sunrises belong to us early risers.
Oh, and guess what?  This Morning Glory has to count his years on a new hand!!


Jenn said...

LOL you just made me literally LOL with memories of you falling asleep, no matter where we were in Bellingham! :)

Anonymous said...

Well... you didn't get those early rising genes from me! I'm glad you have someone to share them with. I remember telling you when you were little, it wan't time to get up yet :-) Love, Mom

Valerie said...

I even have photographic proof of your ability sleep anywhere - face down on a bingo table. B15...zzzzzzzzzzzzz...........