September 2, 2011

New Friends

 We haven't been here that long and we've already been blessed with some new friends.
And they're awesome.
So awesome that Jack told me he wants to live at their house.
And both boys cry when they leave or when we leave their house.
Parker is a good sport and puts up with the little kids very graciously.
Plus he gets to read Tim's old comics when they come over.

The kids get along so well.
And so do the parents.
It's a perfect combo.


Anonymous said...

Yay! What a blessing. But, know that we still miss you too.

Anonymous said...

Horray for the ND Pell's. You guys attract good people. I think it is because of the good parenting. LOL Love and miss ya Meemaw!!

Phelps said...

WE Love you guys!!!

pressurized said...

awesome ! thanks for the post