August 16, 2011

Fun with Nana and Papa

A little over a week ago my parents came for a WHOLE week visit!  We were so busy having fun we didn't have time to do everything.  I also forgot to carry along my camera for most of their stay except the day we went to Turtle River State Park to go fishing.  
We weren't catching much at first but then Papa felt a tug on the line and strategically handed the pole to Luke.  He pulled out a bass!
Then about an hour later he felt another tug on the line and handed the pole to Jack. Jack reeled in a catfish!

Then Tim and my Dad got the catfish fever.  They tried all their tricks but to no avail.  We even stayed through the most awesome downpour and thunderstorm.  They ditched their poles and ran for cover.  We waited out the storm in a park shelter and attempted to dry off.  We heard the better place to find catfish is actually the Red River, which is a 2 minute walk from our house.  The next day it was pouring down rain but they got all decked out in rain gear and tried again.  No luck this time but I have a feeling this isn't the end of their pursuit.  I told them next time they need to try noodling.  Next on the list: Ice fishing in January.
As per usual, the boys got spoiled rotten and so did we.  That's what grandparents do.
The days were filled with bike rides, sidewalk chalk, shooting off rockets, coloring, cookie making, Swedish pancake eating, walks around the neighborhood, backyard baseball and popcicle licking.  The boys thought it was the coolest thing to run errands with Papa and be tucked in each night by Nana.  
 One night, Nana and Papa gave us a date night!  We rode our bikes across town to a delicious hole-in-the wall.  We burned off maybe half of the calories we consumed there by biking all the way back across town and over the bridge into Minnesota to see a movie.  It was perfect.
The other evenings we had great conversations and even got to teach them how to play Pinochle.  It was a great visit and now we are counting down the days til their next one.

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Anonymous said...

We had a blast and can't wait to do it again! Love you! Mom