July 6, 2011

Growing Up Up and Away

(Luke during his hip hop recital.  And now I am officially reminded to post the video.)

 It seems like we reach a new monumental milestone everyday.  On Monday, Tim took the training wheels off Luke's bike.  After a few spills, he got it.  Tim was so patient and encouraging.  He even made scrapes and blood sound like the enviable rite of passage that they are.  "Scars are cool, Man.  Look at this one.  It's from when I crashed on my bike when I was your age." 

Pep talk, check.
Skin being scraped off by pavement, check.
Tears, check.
Getting back on the bike, check.
Fifteen and a half successful trips on the trail, CHECK!

It makes me a little sad that he's growing up but I couldn't be more proud of him.  And get this, he is so so proud of himself.  That, in and of itself, is fun to watch.  

He hasn't stopped at ditching the training wheels.  Now he can shower by himself (I just have to turn on the water to the correct temperature.)  Don't worry, he actually gets clean.  He's also big enough and coordinated enough to sleep on the top bunk of the boys' new bunk bed.  This is much to Jackie's delight because he was having a horrible time sleeping alone in his bedroom.  

Next stop: Kindergarten.

I get teary-eyed just typing it.  I've even started having first day of school nightmares.  They're a little different than the ones from high school where I get lost, don't have the right books and can't find my classes.  They definitely aren't my teacher nightmares where I show up on the first day and realize I haven't planned or prepared anything.  In these ones, I miss walking him to school or don't see him walk into the classroom to meet the teacher.  Sometimes I forget to pick him up and ask him how his day went.  I really don't know who is more excited for his first day of school, Luke or me.  My sentiments are bittersweet though.  

We've got exactly 50 days left until he goes.  Holy Moly, that's not a lot of time!  We've got to cram in as many Memory marathons, hour long story times, backyard baseball games and bike rides around the block as we can. 

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Sarah said...

Lily is going to Kindergarten too...I had a nightmare that I couldn't find any one to take her lunch money and everyone kept on telling me to leave even though I knew she wouldn't get any lunch. Terrible! Yes- lets make the most of these last few weeks with our "babies" : )