June 13, 2011

See ya later Aligator

In the midst of moving, we were able to spend some quality time with friends and family.  It was kind of a last hurrah before leaving, knowing it would be way too long before we saw them again.  I captured some of this on camera, some of it I did not (you know who you are).

The more we move, the more I realize how small our world is.  We always meet (or re-meet, in some cases) good quality friends wherever we live.  They become like family to us and community is what this life is all about, right?  It makes life's downs more bearable and it's ups way more fun.  The downside to making friends and having family relatively close by is it makes it harder to move away.  We miss them terribly.  To put it plainly: it sucks and it's lonely.  Phone calls, skype dates and visits are all the more sweeter though.

Our gallivanting around the country has been great in the sense that we have friends and family all over the country.  Aaaaaaand, if anybody wants to check out the greatness that is Grand Forks, North Dakota, you always have a place to stay.  I'll feed you too.

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Anonymous said...

What a handsome trio. Tim you and Val look pretty good too!!!