June 13, 2011

Dirty Thirty Cruise part 1

For Tim and my 30th birthday, my Mom and Dad took us on a cruise through the Mexican Riviera.  It was so much fun and kind of nice to relax for a bit in the midst of all the moving craziness.  We also got to stay with Joe, Sue and Brittany for a few days in Huntington Beach on either end of the cruise.  Time with family is always great.

 Jack did NOT like the "hole" in his shirt.  Even so, he's already asked if we can go on a family date so he can wear his outfit again.

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Jessica said...

NO WAY!!! I just turned 30 and my parents took us on a Carnival cruise too! Freaky!!! Soooo much fun though - we went to the Western Carribean and it was fantastic and amazing :)