February 14, 2011

Future Mrs. Pells, take note:

Dear Future Mrs. Pell #1 and #2,

Please prepare yourself.

Prepare yourself for a life that will never be boring or bleak.  You will laugh everyday.  Expect daily adoration, affection and appreciation.  Prepare yourself to be loved dearly and hard.  You will be cherished and held above all others.  When you walk into the room, everything will fade away and he will focus only on you.

Be prepared to talk about everything.  Pell men don't live up to the clammed up, "Men don't talk about their feelings" stereotype.  When you sign on that dotted line of the marriage certificate, you will have a loyal lover, a best friend, a partner in crime until the end of time.  Forever is not taken lightly here.

It will be hard, but I will pass the torch to you when it is time.  Don't worry about me, I've got my own Pell man at home.  You can thank him later for raising boys up to be men who have got their priorities right.  Jesus first, wife second, all else third.

For now, I will cherish the snotty kisses, the half smirks and the twinkles in those deep brown eyes.  When you get those kisses, they won't be snotty.  You will have the insider information behind the smirks.  And those twinkles will be because of you.  Love him back.  And do it with all of your heart.  Not all women get to have a Pell man.  We are the lucky ones.


Mrs. Pell

p.s. If you don't know how to ride on the back of a Harley, you probably won't be reading this.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! I asked Tim when I was there, "Why can't Luke be 30 years older?" :)

Love you all,

Kristal Peterson said...

This is amazing... I just might have to use this for future Mrs. Peterson..... sounds like you're raising fine young men!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I think you said it all. I feel blessed every day. All of my Pell Men are the best. Happy Valentines Day!

Kamille said...

Just the type of man I'm praying for my Miss Scellick girls. Being that I don't have brown eyes--gotta love having kids with chocolate brown eyes--they suck me in (sounds the same for you).