January 13, 2011

A Washington Christmas

So yeah, this is a totally belated post.  But the posting motivation just hit me so here goes.

Guess what I got for Christmas???

SOMEONE got the blue skater shoes he asked for.
Sadly, I got the camera at the end of the Western Washington portion of our trip.  So the only Hansen pictures I found on my camera were of my mom in her pajamas.  I'm pretty sure she would kill me for posting those.  Your welcome Mom.

Here's what the Eastern Washington portion involved:
Pig piles on Uncles
Snow ball fights

Snuggling with Meemaw
Tim stealing MY camera
 Exhaustion, resulting from a no-nap day
Helping Papa shovel the driveway
The deep pondering of the meaning of life.
Stay tuned for our Idaho Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for not posting the jamas,
Love ya,