January 11, 2011

This Year's Love

Yesterday, during my run, David Gray came on my Pandora station.  It was perfect timing.  I was struggling up a hill and it was the perfect boost I needed to get to the top.  Actually, I forgot about the hill.  My brain shot me right back to Tim and my first date.  Under the canopy of Chuckanut Drive Evergreens, we danced to This Year's Love.

I do have a confession though.  We actually thought the song said "this is lovin', at last" instead of "this year's love had better last."  We'll blame the English accent.  Either way, we thought it was romantic.  We had finally found each other.

At last.

Back to my run.  I started grinning like a giddy school girl, all the way back down the hill.  I floated through the next few minutes.  If any of the neighbors would have seen me, they probably would have thought I was some crazy running nut.  You know, the ones who actually enjoy the run while they're in the middle of it.  I, on the other hand, enjoy the run AFTER it's done. 

So, thanks to running and Pandora, I was reminded of "this year's love had better last."

It did.

And it will.


Sarah Godding said...

Love it. I am also one who enjoys a run after the fact. Another reason we are friends.

Kara said...

Love that song! Super romantic to dance to it on your FIRST date.

Future Mama said...

Agreed...great song ;-)

Much love,
Future Mama

Anonymous said...

You know I don't know who is luckier Tim, The boys or dad and I for having such a great lady for a daughter. Love ya Lindsey-Mom Pell

Stacey Lawlis said...

This was a big song for Justin and I too, as we were getting together. In fact, I'm sure it made it one of the the mixed CD's we sent each other in the mail. Glad to know it's a special one for you guys as well!