August 14, 2010


These are a few of the "games" Luke and Jack have been playing.  Luke has the knack for coming up with the names.  Jack has the knack for taking the games a little overboard, which results in tears on both sides.

Boom Ba: Each of them hold a pillow in front of their chest and then they run at each other as fast as they can.  One time this game resulted in Jack putting a forehead size dent in the (outward facing) corner of the wall.

The Factory: Every pillow and blanket in the entire house gets piled up onto the living room floor.  Then the boys jump from the couch into the pile.

Shicka Babba:  This game is a mixture of bare-fisted boxing, wrestling and just plain rough housing.  It's pretty much an agreement that both parties will be okay with getting punched in the face.

These games have earned me the right to add another title onto my resume: Referee.

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