August 13, 2010


Last week, we trekked up to Washington and spent some time with my parents and Ryna.  We hung out all week at one of our most favorite places in the whole world.

Camano Island!

The sun even came out for most of the week.  We were totally spoiled.

It was crabbing, fishing, rock-throwing, ice-cold swimming galore!

We loved it.

Clementine loved it.

We even got to celebrate Auntie Ryna's birthday a little early with some Red Velvet Cake.

And we got some pretty awesome visitors:


Mama Addie and Aunt Evie

Jana and Ida-Lilly

It was a pretty great week, if I must say so myself.

Even if it did end with a transmission failure.


Emily said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Glad the sunshine made an appearance for you.

Anonymous said...

It was a fabulous time! I'm so glad you came. I felt so bad about the ending of your trip :-( Love, Mom