May 13, 2010

Vegas Getaway

A couple weeks ago, Tim and I were able to get away from everyday life and jet off to Las Vegas, thanks to my parents hanging out with the boys and taking care of the pets.  It was so nice not being on a schedule, hanging out with friends, and just being the two of us.  Here are just some of the highlights:

  • Eating ridiculously unbalanced meals. 

  • Playing in an official poker tournament.  I got 2nd place and won back some of our gambling losses...
  • Chris and Sarah!!!
  • Eating at Pampas in the wine room.  All I can say is Meat Parade!

  • Going to the Lance Burton magic show.
  • Dancing at LAX on my birthday.

  • A limo ride down the strip.
  • Getting to ride the New York New York roller coaster.  The last time we were in Vegas, I was pregnant with Luke so I couldn't ride.  I was so envious when John, Sarah and Tim got off the ride with wind-blown hair and, "That was AWWWWWESOME!!"  They were right.

  • Walking down the strip with Tim and getting to see the Dale Chihuly blown glass at the Bellagio.

  • Laying by the pool and not worrying about keeping two little boys from drowning.
  • Tim getting to meet Indiana Jones.

  • Coming home to the two coolest boys on the planet and eating out at Olive Garden with my parents.

    Stay tuned for what the boys got to do while we were gone. Think bottle rockets and science experiments...

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