April 2, 2010

Creating Nurturers

The boys have been in the nurturing mode the last few days.  They wrap up baby (Elmo) in a towel and carry him around.  They have perfected the "football hold" and the "delivering pizza hold," no cradle hold yet.  
Yesterday Jack wanted to build a crib for Elmo, so we set out on this construction adventure.  They spent more time building the crib than putting the baby to sleep, but it's a nurturing start!

3 things to notice about this picture:

#1 The baby blankets were stuffed on top of the babies and pretty much smothered.
#2  Jack put Lightening McQueen in with one of the babies for its comfort item.
#3  Luke and Jack are not in this picture because they are busy shooting each other with their Nerf gun.

Encouraging male nurturers has gotta start somewhere right?

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Anonymous said...

Adorable, they will be good daddies when they grow up! Meemaw