March 1, 2010

Tugga Tugga Guy

If you know Jack, you know that he cherished his "lellow mo-cyco."  The world ended the last time it was lost.  Jack doesn't have a blankie, binky, or a stuffed animal.  He has always favored wheeled items.

I'm sad to say that the days of that motorcycle are over.  It has been replaced with Chick Hicks, the green villain from Cars.  Both Luke and Jack call him Chigga Chigga Guy, or in Jack-speak: "Tugga Tugga Guy."  With the replacement has come increased attachment and devotion.

Tugga Tugga Guy goes everywhere with Jack.  He gets caught in the sleeve of Jack's jammies when he gets dressed for the day.  The car sits at the table for all meals and snacks.  He goes outside to play, gets snuggled with and sleeps with Jack during naps and at night.  He waits in Jack's sweaty hand or in his pants pocket when we go on errands.  Tantrums even get thrown while a death grip is put on the car.  Yesterday, Jack was trying to figure out how to go potty while still holding onto his beloved car.

Luke has also been gracious, for the most part, not to remind Jack that the green piece of plastic was actually bought with his own birthday money.  Only once, on a very grumpy day, did Luke point out that, "Chigga Chigga Guy is MINE, NOT YOURS!"  Most days, he understands Jack's love for the car and secedes ownership.

Tim and I enjoy this quirky little boy behavior.  I appreciate even more that if Tugga Tugga Guy gets dirty, peed on or thrown in the toilet (God forbid), I can give him a quick car wash in the kitchen sink.

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Anonymous said...

Chiga Chiga is lucky to have the love and adorationof a Pell man. Love meemaw