February 28, 2010

Future Fashion Guru

(not in the outfit described below)

This morning I let the boys pick out their outfits by giving them a few choices of combinations, as per usual.  Luke picked out his gray long sleeve shirt, a blue/green plaid short sleeve button up to go over it and some khaki cargo pants to complete the outfit.  He was very adamant that the plaid shirt not be buttoned because he wanted to leave it open.  All day long, he kept telling me that this was an AWESOME outfit and he couldn't wait to show it to Daddy.

Let me stop right there.  I need to explain this.

I am lucky to be married to a man who not only has a good fashion sense, but he embraces fashion forward thinking.  Really, he knows more about what "works" than I do.  My only contribution has to do with the whole color-blindness thing.  I take great pride in being able to tell him which shirts match his pants because he gets to tell me, "No, don't wear that, this shirt goes better with that sweater and those boots would look hot."  Of course I mean this all in a very manly way.

Back to Luke.

I guess my affirmations about his clothes weren't enough.  When Tim got home, the very first thing Luke did was make sure Tim saw his outfit creation.  Tim acknowledged the ensemble and genuinely appreciated it.  Luke beamed.

With Tim's new work schedule we've started going to the evening service at church.  As I was putting on his shoes, Luke told me how excited he was to show everybody at church his cool outfit.  I put on his coat, drove to church and dropped him off at Sunday School.  When the service was over I picked him up.  He came out of the room with rosy cheeks and handed me his Biblical artistic masterpiece.  We were almost out of the church when Luke froze.  His shoulders slumped and devastation was written all over his face.  "I didn't take my coat off!  I didn't get to show them my outfit!"  Tragedy.  With a promise that he could wear that same outfit next Sunday, we were able to get to the car.

His gray shirt, plaid button up and khaki pants are folded in the corner of his closet.  They are all ready to go for next week.  His Daddy would be proud.


Kamille said...

How utterly devastating for him. Good job diverting the situation with a promise of wearing the outfit next week.

Anonymous said...

He must be related to his Nana, LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

He did look awesome even if I must say so myself...Love Meemaw

John and Sarah Pell said...

Where or where did our men get their love for fashion from?? This is a great story. The Pell cousins are going to be a stylin group. Emma wakes up every day and wants to wear a pretty dress. She also shows John what she is wearing knowing he will give it the thumbs up :)