February 26, 2010

Sneaky Sneaky

For the last few days nap time has been a little difficult.  Just difficult, not horrible, a very distinct difference.  It hasn't been horrible because Luke and Jack have actually been having fun and goofing around.

Today I was hoping after our routine of potty breaks and three books, they would settle in with their book to read on their own and drift happily off to sleep.  No such luck.

I went in after about ten minutes when I heard way too much moving around and giggling.  I set them back into their own beds and reviewed the expectations: lay in bed and quietly rest.  Another ten minutes went by and the noises got progressively louder.  They were in their own beds but both Luke and Jack were standing and leaning over the bookshelf play fighting with their animals.  This is when I turned on the stern, I mean business, voice.  I reviewed expectations again and the "punishment" for not following them would be splitting up to sleep in different rooms.

I went in shortly thereafter to find them trying to stuff pillows under their sheets and talking about something to do with the closet.  That was it.  Luke went into the guest bed and Jack had to stay in his bed.  As I went to tuck Luke in, Jack kept trying to complete some mission.  I had no idea what it was.

Then it clicked.  I'm pretty sure Luke had convinced Jack to put the pillows under the sheets to make it look like someone was sleeping in it.  In his logic, they could then hide in their closet to play during nap time.


KAMILLE said...

Oh man--those little sneaky pants. Their plot to take over the world, or at least your household.

Isn't it great to think that this is what was going through their minds and to look back at this years later. Difficult yes, not horrible.

Anonymous said...

I know where it comes from LOL Love meemaw

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, this is starting early, those smart little boys! Love, Nana