February 4, 2010

It's how it ends, right?

Yesterday was a bad tantrum day for Jack. He had about twenty billion of them.

First, I guess I didn’t put his sippy cup on the table the correct way. The sippy cup got batted to the floor.

When I told him I wouldn’t pick it up even though the milk was dripping onto the floor, the tantrum was renewed.

Then, he found out that the remaining cream cheese bagel, the exact one he requested for dinner the evening before and didn’t finish, was his breakfast. Tantrum.

Later, he didn’t want his diaper changed or his clothes put on. Screaming. Pounding the floor.

We were about to drop Tim off at work but Jack didn’t want to get in his car seat. Crying. Arching of the back.

During the peaceful part of the day that is naptime, I got a phone call from the insurance agent. The damage that Jack caused from the toilet incident was going to cost us $547.64 above what insurance was already covering.

When my little buddy woke up from his nap he refused to get his swim trunks on in preparation for swim lessons. Body thrown on the bed. Screeching.

At the very beginning of swim lessons the nice instructor helped him with his new goggles. I think his face got pinched. Another freak out. Refusal to get into the water until the last 2 minutes of the lesson.

While I was making dinner, I have no idea what happened. Maybe Clementine licked him. Red face. Tears. Yelling.

Just before bedtime, this happened:

It’s how the day ends that counts, right?

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KAMILLE said...

as my father in law says, "the two best times of the day are when the kids wake up and when they go to bed," and in this instance the bedtime routine.

Two: I think the majority of children have various OCDisms that they're constantly dealing with at a moment's notice and we mom's have to diagnose it. The crummy part about the job at times. Kamille:)