February 5, 2010


We had a much better day yesterday, tantrum-wise. I only need one hand to count the occurrences! A big improvement from the day before.

Right before dinner we went out to play in the new little park we discovered in our neighborhood. Jack's little fingers got really cold outside so we went inside. As they were warming up, he had a warranted freakout. Don't you remember as a kid that ache in your fingers or toes when you came inside on a chilly day. The warming-up ache is almost worse than the frozen finger feeling.

I tried all the tricks in my bag to comfort him and warm up those digits. Nothing worked. The only clear sentence that came through the muddle of tears was, "I need Daddy to holllllllld meeeee!!!!!!!!"

I called Tim at work and put him on speaker phone to see if that would calm Jack down. He still needed Daddy.

When he calmed down a little bit, I started dinner. A few seconds later I heard the familiar hum of the garage door.

Of course Tim drove home from work to comfort his freaking out son. That's what he does. That's who he is.

He also plays catch whenever asked. I love him so.

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