October 31, 2014

The Evolution of the Pumpkin Patch Outing


This is pre-digital camera times.  I had to take a picture of a picture just to post it on here.  We were so excited to take Luke through the corn maze, see all the animals and get cute pictures of him by huge pumpkins.  Photo op heaven for new parents.


We didn't go.
Of course we didn't go.  
We had a 5 month old and an almost 2 year old.  We barely made it to the grocery store alive.  No chance of surviving a pumpkin patch outing.


Jack wasn't too impressed with his first pumpkin experience.  It was cold.


We were in the midst of moving from South Carolina to Idaho.  


I have no idea why we didn't go.  Idaho probably had a really cool pumpkin patch.  I guess we'll never know.  Actually, we were too busy taking a family selfie every day for One Pell of a Year.


Luke went to the pumpkin patch with his kindergarten class.  We were too busy missing him while he was at school to bother with going.


This is the year I went back to work.  I was probably either at school or on the couch with a stress headache.  We probably forgot that pumpkin patches even existed.


Are the boys too old for pumpkin patches yet?  Not sure, maybe we skip it this year.


Nope.  They're not too old.  Now that we live near Green Bluff Farms we better check it out.  We picked up fresh apples, cider and remembered the camera, but forgot the camera memory card.  We paid ten bucks each for entrance into the kid zone.  We sat on hay bales and chatted with new friends, while we lost the kids to the maze, bounce trampoline, train, tire hill and rope spiderweb.  Don't worry, we found them two hours later after they were all tired out.  It was magical.

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