May 27, 2012


The boys have driving me bonkers the last several weeks.  It's been all about extremes.  Either they are fighting, which is extremely irritating, or they love each so much it becomes loud and obnoxious.  I have been longing for some quiet and stillness.  And sometimes the mediocre with them is just fine with me.  I usually get my much needed dose of quiet in the mornings before they wake up and after we survive the witching hour and bedtime.  I've been lazy about getting up in the morning and that has contributed to my lack of patience.

Just when I think I'm about to burst, I catch them being so perfect.  For the last two nights Luke has been sleeping in Jack's bed.  They didn't even ask, they arranged their pillows and blankets so each had enough room on the bed.  Then this morning I caught them helping each other out while getting showered and dressed.  They are pretty sneaky.  Those are the type of things that cover up all the shenanigans of the previous weeks.

I know this little "Yes I am.  No you're not.  Yes I am...." stage isn't over (and will probably repeat itself over the years) but it's sure nice for little reprieves here and there.


Emily smith said...

Way to get dressed up like a gentleman for a stick/sword fight Jack!

Anonymous said...

Love the flip flops with the wool coat :-) Love, Nana