May 25, 2012

And Poof...

Lately, Jack has a favorite transition to the conclusion of the stories he tells us.  Let me give you a few examples:

Mom, I can't find my shoes.  I took them off by the door..AND POOF... they're not there anymore.

I know you said I couldn't have another cookie, but I looked at the cooling rack full of cookies...AND POOF... there was one less cookie on there.

I was in the back yard practicing my baseball skills...AND POOF...the baseball is now on the roof of the house.

Luke and I were wrestling downstairs...AND POOF... he got punched in the face and is crying.

I am so excited about the new boomerang I got for my birthday so I was throwing it outside...AND went into the neighbor's yard.

I was walking down the hallway, pretending I was a transformer...AND POOF...the corner of the wall came out and hit me in the head. 

There's been a lot of Jack Magic at our house lately.


matttolman said...

I love and miss Jack and Luke, and Lindsey, and Tim. I asked Ike the other night "If you could visit and see anyone who would you go visit?" Ike said "hmmmm let me think....JACK AND LUKE!!!!" We miss the Pell's. Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow and poof they are are growing so fast. Love you all.