March 1, 2012


On January 20th my Lukey turned six.
He's amazing and pretty much perfect.
Granted, he has his flaws, we all do, but who can remember them after looking at that face?  Not me.
He has empathetic super powers, a high pitched giggle that can cure any bad mood, and is pretty much good at everything he tries.
He's a perfectionist.  He loves playing hockey.  He spends hours being creative and wants to be an artist when he grows up.
He hates salmon and scrambled eggs.
He loves his little brother to death and always asks when the next time he can hang out with his buddies.
Oh, and he's a mini-genius.  
Yes, we're working on humility and I'm already failing at that example right now.  Brag.  Brag.  We'll pick back up on that lesson tomorrow.  Brag. Brag.
I love him so much.

The birthday morning and birthday party:

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