November 17, 2011

Turkey Bingo

Before we even signed Luke up for Kindergarten, we heard about Phoenix Elementary's annual PTO fundraiser.  Turkey Bingo.  Dun dun dun.

I heard from several people that the parents and kids alike go crazy for the coveted turkey prizes.  The day the announcement came out with the details, I was waiting with Terra outside the kindergarten wing (as we do every day).  Collin came bounding out the door after the bell rang with a bright yellow, oh, sorry, goldenrod flier.  

"MOM!!!! TURKEY BINGO!!!!"  

After perusing the flier, she told me all about it.  The craziness and...the...prizes!  9 Frozen turkeys and three 50 dollar bills were up for grabs for a mere 4 bucks.  In addition to that, a night of family fun and raising money for the PTO, who wouldn't love that?

The build up was big, and let me tell you, the Phoenix Elementary PTO did not disappoint.  We got there early for a pizza dinner and made sure we had our bingo cards and pens poised and ready. The Phelps' and the Pell's were out to win a turkey.

Some of my favorite entertainment of the night was Lilah's intensity:  "ALL I NEED IS B5, N34 and O71....oh and G47......Come ON!"

About 10 games in, Jack pulled out a win.  Tim helped his timid "bingo" be heard and he bounded up to the stage.  Someone else had gotten a bingo too so Jack had to participate in a tie breaker.  The highest card pulled out of a deck won.  Jack pulled out an ace.  He struggled off the stage with his ten pound turkey and an even bigger smile.

Turkey Bingo was all we ever hoped it would be.


Anonymous said...

I love this picture! Jack looks sooo proud! Love ya, Nana/Mom

Phelps said...

So much fun!!! I dont think Jack could have had a bigger smile for that turkey!! :)