November 22, 2011


A few weeks back, Luke and Jack started hockey.  For their first practice we didn't get them shoulder pads or breezers because the info sheet said those were optional.  Whelp, I guess people here take their gear seriously.  Every kid had all of the required AND optional gear on, so we had to head to the store.  It was better in the long run though because they fall...a lot.  The breezers are especially good for keeping their bums bruise-free.  Just for your enjoyment here is the gear list:
skate guards
shin guards
hockey socks
shoulder pads
elbow pads
practice jersey
neck guard
helmet and mask

Needless to say, it is an art getting them ready for practice.  We've shaved off about 20 minutes since the very first pre-practice prep.  I'm pretty proud of that.

Jack had a rough time the first practice but since then, he's gotten the hang of skating and doing all the drills.  He quit the first practice about 10 minutes before it ended but has since finished every other practice.   At the end of each time, they come off the ice drenched in sweat and say they had tons of fun.  Entertainment, physical activity and two very tired out boys.  Score.

Terra, Lilah and Collin came to cheer the boys on.  What good friends.

 We've made it a Saturday morning tradition of grabbing coffee and heading out to hockey practice.  We are loving this winter tradition, all four of us.

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