October 2, 2011

His love comes from the deep

 Jack doesn't know how to do anything half-hearted.  When he loves you, you know it.  His love is intensely loyal and intensely intense. We have made some friends here who have quickly become like family.  We love them so much, but Jack is the one who shows it the most.  When they leave, there is an almost guaranteed crying fit.

One evening I was putting him to bed after they left and he was moping.  He was too distraught to put on his jammies or brush his teeth.  He dramatically plopped himself down onto his pillow and declared, "I'm going to be sad forever."

And in his little heart, he really felt like that.  He already knew we would see them in the next day or two, but that wasn't where he was focused.  His here and now was tainted because his friends weren't near.

I don't know how his heart fits into his little body.  Somehow he manages.  And we get to feel the outpouring of his love every minute of every day.  Awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Noonie that is why I love you so!! meemaw