August 11, 2011

Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, Family

A few weeks ago, John, Sarah, Emma and Johnny made a pit stop in Grand Forks.  We had so much fun and were very sad to see them continue on their journey West.  It was really entertaining to see the cousins interact.  This was the first visit they were old enough to play creatively and come up with some crazy antics.  It reminded me of how much I loved getting together with my cousins when we were all half our current size.  Being an aunt is really awesome! 

The first evening John got to be a sub in Tim's tennis league.  I'm pretty sure this was the first time they played together competitively in over ten years.

If Johnny had his way, he and Uncle Tim would have been doing this the whole evening:

Emma introduced Luke and Jack to some of the finer things in life.
Like tea parties.

Luke, Jack and Johnny were also perfectly happy playing the role of the minions to Emma the Queen.  
It was perfect harmony.
Emma and Jack were also pretty much inseparable.  Each night they slept together in the same bed.  We also heard a lot of, "I need to go downstairs with Jack because HE'S scared." or "I need Emma to come outside with me."

 We got to introduce them to some Midwest things like taco in a bag, chippers (chocolate covered potato chips) and there was even a fun thunderstorm.  No tornadoes this time, maybe next visit.

Johnny was not a fan of the thunder so I got to snuggle with him on the front porch until Luke, Jack and Emma wanted to take over.

Boy do we miss them like crazy.

All the pictures are of the kids, but don't you worry, the adults had all sorts of fun.
Think sisterly runs on the Greenway, Pinochle and Dutch Blitz.


John and Sarah Pell said...

We miss you guys too. Can't wait for our next reunion. If it gets too cold this winter please know that we would love to see you guys out in California!

Anonymous said...

Love the posts the kids all looked wonderful. I love my family you are all such a blessing. meemaw