June 27, 2011

Jackie turns the big F-O-U-R

On our last full day on the cruise, Jack turned four.  Last year, he picked going to a hotel, this year a cruise.  I'm not sure what he is expecting for his fifth birthday.  A chartered helicopter ride, a private jet to Paris?  Maybe we'll tell him he's getting a shiny new pair of tweezers and then a trip to the doctor to celebrate turning five.  Then he'll be really excited about a nice, quiet little party at home with a few buddies. 
Birthday hugs from Nana.

Jack had a lot on his plate during his birthday month, what with the move and all.  He's still in transition mode, but underneath it all his genuineness, passion for life, humor and gentleness peek through.  He loves to make us laugh and comes up with elaborate plans he thinks we should carry out for the day.  If we would let him, he would watch Transformers every minute of every day.  He's more mechanical than Tim, Luke and I put together.  If something is broken, he's most likely the one to figure out how to fix it.  Really, he's just plain awesome.
Our waiter even brought him his very own cake.
With FOUR candles.  Four.
Wasn't he just learning to walk?
Where did the time go?
I need some sort of magic potion to slow the time down. 
Even so, each age becomes my new favorite.


Anonymous said...

Noonie, turns four and I thnak God every day for the light he has brought to our lives. Happy Birthday Nooie:) Meemaw and papa.

Tolman's said...

We love you Jack! How is it that birthday pictures can make the boys look so much older than the day before there birthday?