April 27, 2011

This is what they do

 Unless they are racing their cars, playing transformers, boxing or digging in the backyard, you'll find them here.  If I don't get out of bed right away, they'll be coloring away.  We have more masterpieces than we know what to do with.  And we are ALWAYS low on blank sheets of paper.  I need some new suggestions on how to preserve these pieces of art.  For right now, I keep a few in our "keepers" file, but it's going to be overloaded soon.  Any suggestions?


Sarah said...

Hey! How's it going? I bet you guys have been busy with the upcoming move! I have a couple ideas for you- though I still struggle with the sheer volume of the artwork every day!!!
1) One day last year I took almost every piece I had and took a picture- the good stuff got saved the rest went in the trash- but I still have the pictures to look at at least.
2)Art work/collages- I have seen some people piece different art projects together in a big frame.
3) Use the art as wrapping paper for gifts.
4)Encourage reusing art work? Instead of starting with a blank page every time- build on something they already have going.

In the end though a lot has to end up in the recycling- but I don't do that when she is around or let her see. Hope this helps!

Jessica said...

Put out a chosen number at a time, say 5 (or 10 if you really have a TON) and have them pick 1 out of the lot. Then take a picture of them holding it. Repeat until they're all gone.

Then upload the pictures, date them and store them in a file...or make a photobook out of them, have prints made and put in a photobook, whatever floats your boat. The rest get recycled. If they truly are masterpieces, get each boy a hangning file crate, some hanging files and go to town.