March 3, 2011


He gets it honestly really.

Luke has definite opinions about what is cool and what is not cool to wear.  His latest thing right now is to layer his clothes.  And no, I'm not talking about one of my favorite layering strategies: the long sleeve under the short.  I'm talking about layers upon layers of shirts.  Didn't you know that it's cool for five-year-olds to wear 5 layers of shirts?  It is apparently. 

Last week at hip hop, he wanted to wear a short sleeve shirt under three long sleeve shirts AND his flannel zip hoodie.  He came out of class with a beet red face.  We actually almost forgot to complete his ingenious gettup on our way out the door.  He started crying in the car before I told him we had time to turn around and get it.  He had been planning this five layer outfit since the day before.

We have always decided that clothes would not be a battle we would choose as long as his outfits are appropriate.  They don't have to match and five layers for a five year old seems completely appropriate to me.

So if you see my son running around in the snow with just a shirt on, don't judge my mothering.  Just know, there are 4 layers underneath, maybe more.

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John and Sarah Pell said...

I totally agree on the clothing not being worth the battle. Emma only wears dresses and most of the time wears a sundress around the house until I make her put on a sweater and tights to go outside. Then she immediately rips them off once we get back home. Apparently she was born to live in a very warm place year round. I am currently enjoying Johnny's lack of opinion about his clothes :).