December 22, 2010

Idaho State Fair

For the most part, the fair was awesome this year.  

The only negative was a completely unsafe ride.  
From initial appearances, it had promise.
It was originally from MJ's Neverland Ranch.
It was a "kiddie roller coaster," meaning it was low to the ground and had a  few ups and downs.
Pretty promising right?
As soon as it started, it whiplashed the kids and the screams of terror started.
Luke loved it, but he was about the only one.
It only had one loose lap belt holding the kids in, which did nothing to prevent this:
After a few parents yelled at the neglectful operator to stop the ride of screaming and escape-worthy children, the nightmare finally ended.  (And Kim's blood pressure decreased)

The rest of the day was a success:
There was a slow and lazy train to ride.
There were animals to pet.

There were prizes to be won.


Jack was a little apprehensive at first.
And then he realized how completely awesome the exhibit was.

Can you guess where we spent the majority of our day?

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Tolman's said...

You know now that I think about it we should have known the ride was going to be a terror. It was from M.J.'s Neverland Ranch. Can't wait until next year.